Dental Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is a surgical procedure used to repair or rebuild bones through the transplantation of bone tissue. This procedure allows your dentist to recreate bone and supporting tissue that is missing, typically to support dental implants.

Lay a Good Foundation for Your Smile

Dental bone grafting, including sinus lifts, offers a vital solution for individuals with insufficient bone structure to support dental implants. By addressing bone deficiencies through safe and effective procedures, individuals can regain the ability to restore their smiles and oral function with confidence. If you’re considering dental bone grafting, consult with our experienced team at Drew Family Dentistry to explore the best options tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Why Dental Bone Grafting is Necessary

  • Dental bone grafting becomes necessary when there is an inadequate amount of natural bone in the mouth to support dental implants.
  • Causes of bone deficiency can include developmental defects, gum disease, facial injury or trauma, or empty space after tooth extraction.

The Importance of Dental Bone Grafts

  • Dental bone grafting procedures provide a safe and effective solution for individuals who have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, injury, or other oral infections.
  • These procedures not only restore the necessary bone structure for dental implant placement but also contribute to long-term oral health and functionality.
Graphic depicting a dental bone grafting procedure
  • What is dental bone grafting?

    Dental bone grafting is a minorly invasive surgical procedure that helps grow new bone that was destroyed or replace the unhealthy or missing bone with new bone.

    The graft may be taken from another area of the body or created through synthetic or other materials. It usually consists of processed bone minerals that help your body create new bone cells over time.

  • Are dental bone grafts painful?

    Dental bone grafts are an outpatient procedure where patients are sedated. The procedure is typically done before a dental implant/tooth replacement and usually causes very little pain, if any, through the procedure and the healing process.

  • How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

    Your dentist will usually give you antibiotics to prevent infection and in some cases, pain medication. However, pain medication is usually unnecessary as most patients don’t feel any pain.

    A dental bone graft is usually the first step to dental implants. Once the dental bone graft is complete, your dentist must wait for the new bone to fuse with the natural bones in your mouth before completing the process. This timeframe is different for everyone but shouldn’t take longer than a month or two.

Questions About Dental Bone Grafting?

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