Find Affordable Payment Options in Bend, OR

We don’t want you to have to worry about paying for your family’s dental care or to feel like you have no choice but to go without those crucial appointments. As such, we offer multiple payment options in Bend, OR. We’re sure that one of them will work for you and your family!

At the time of treatment, you can pay with:

You can save on dental care with our in-house VIP membership plan, which can be helpful for our patients without dental insurance. If you sign up for the program and pay a low monthly fee, you’ll be eligible for free and discounted dental services. It’s a great way to better budget for your family’s dental exams and other dental care, so that there will be fewer surprises along the way.

We are also happy to help you file a claim with your dental insurance provider. If you’d like more information about which forms of dental insurance we accept, want to verify coverage, or make an appointment, call Drew Family Dentistry at 541-668-8070.