If this happens to you, it is much better to catch the problem early. This allows you to treat the problems while it is small. That means less invasive solutions for you. It’s also why we perform thorough exams each time you come in for a checkup.

Get Your Benefits

How does your insurance provider encourage you to come in for routine treatments? One of the main benefits that come with most insurance plans is covering or assisting with the cost of routine cleanings and exams.

You should keep in mind that dental plans are usually tied to the calendar year. Even if your employer renews dental coverage, the benefits offered and what is covered can vary from year to year. Knowing this, you don’t want to postpone your dental visits. Putting off treatment now means you are not taking full advantage of the benefits that you deserve.

You’ve Already Paid for It

You also should keep in mind that if you have dental insurance, then you are paying for it. All you need to do is look at your paystub for proof.

You wouldn’t buy a movie ticket and leave before the show starts. You wouldn’t buy a car but never drive it. You want to use what you are paying for. You’ve paid for dental care. Make sure you receive it.

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