For people who have dental anxiety, restorative dentistry can seem intimidating. At Drew Family Dentistry, we get a lot of questions about our restorative services. You may have some questions of your own. We are happy to provide answers.

What is considered restorative dentistry?

Any service that repairs damage to your teeth could be considered restorative dental care. This includes everything from tooth bonding and dental fillings to implant-supported dentures. We can help you have a complete, natural-looking smile with our skills and services.

Is restorative dentistry necessary?

Technically, no. You can choose to live with decayed teeth, broken teeth, and missing teeth. The problem is these issues will continue to get worse if you don’t do something about them. Decay can lead to tooth infections. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss in your jaw. By taking advantage of restorative care, you can prevent a small issue from turning into a big problem.

Does restorative dental care hurt?

At a modern dental practice like ours, we use advanced techniques and technology to keep you as pain-free as possible. This includes offering dental sedation to keep you calm and comfortable while we care for you.

Please, plan to visit us if you have more questions about how restorative dental care could help you and your smile. Call 541-668-8070 or contact us online to plan your visit to our Bend, OR office.