Feel Better With Root Canals in Bend, OR

If your teeth are causing you pain, that is a problem. When teeth are infected, the only solution may be root canals. In Bend, OR, you can schedule this treatment so you can:

  • End your toothache
  • Eat without pain again
  • Avoid bigger problems down the road

Root canal procedures have an unfortunate reputation. At a modern dental practice like Drew Family Dentistry, you can remove the infection from your tooth without discomfort so you can enjoy pain-free days and meals. Call 541-668-8070 to make an appointment with us.

Quit Suffering So You Can Smile Again

The last thing we want is to see a patient in pain. If your teeth are hurting you, that means something is wrong. This isn’t a time to put off getting help. The sooner you get treated, the faster you can feel normal again.

Root canal procedures are an essential part of our restorative dentistry. During this process, we:

  • Remove decay from your tooth
  • Remove infected tissue from inside your tooth
  • Refill your tooth with a special substance
  • Cap your tooth with a filling and/or CEREC dental crown

When everything is done, the pain of your infection will fade, and you’ll feel like everything is back to normal.

Many people worry that root canals will be painful. Yet they can be done practically painlessly with sedation dentistry. Whether you choose inhaled sedation (laughing gas), oral sedation (medication), or a combination of both, you can rest assured that you will feel calm and comfortable throughout your procedure.

By providing root canals in Bend, OR, we can save your tooth and prevent your infection from spreading to other parts of your mouth. A root canal treatment could be the key to protecting your smile. Quit suffering and call 541-668-8070 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Blake Drew or Dr. Anne Scott at Drew Family Dentistry.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why is root canal treatment important?

A root canal is necessary when the soft pulp inside your tooth becomes infected. Without treatment, you will lose your tooth. Worse, the infection can spread to your jaw and even to other areas of your body. It can also cause a dental abscess, which can lead to serious complications like sepsis.

Can a root canal be done in one visit?

Most root canals can be completed in one or two visits. The length of treatment is determined by the number of “canals” inside your tooth, the extent of the infection, and other factors. The final step is usually sealing your tooth with a dental crown. Since we can create your crown right in our office with our CEREC technology, you won’t need an additional visit to get your crown.

Will a root canal relieve pain?

An infected tooth is often painful. Your pain will go away when we remove infected material from your tooth during root canal treatment. Most patients experience no more than mild discomfort or no discomfort at all with sedation. In addition, recovery is typically more comfortable than recovery from an extraction – the only alternative treatment for an infected tooth.