Gain By Losing With Tooth Removal in Bend, OR

At Drew Family Dentistry, we want to help you keep all of your teeth. Even so, there are times when a tooth extraction is the best option for maintaining your oral health in the long term. At our office in Bend, OR, tooth removal is used to:

  • Prepare a patient for orthodontic care
  • Create better conditions for dental implants
  • Remove painful and problematic teeth

Taking out teeth can have real benefits. When it’s in your best interest, you can get this service at Drew Family Dentistry. We offer sedation to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. Call 541-668-8070 to make an appointment with Dr. Blake Drew or Dr. Anne Scott.

Extracting Teeth Can Preserve Your Oral Health

Restorative dentistry is a big part of our practice. Oral surgery is, too, and removing teeth can be beneficial on its own or as part of a restorative plan for a particular treatment. We may recommend taking out teeth for one or more reasons:

  • Severe Toothache — When a tooth becomes infected, we will treat it with a root canal whenever possible. When the damage is too severe, however, removing and replacing the tooth is the better option.
  • Severe Damage — As with a toothache, a bad break or crack may leave a tooth unable to support a dental crown. Again, removing and replacing the tooth can be the best approach for long-term oral health.
  • Crowding — Many people have crowded smiles. For some, removing teeth can make it easier to complete orthodontic care to create straighter and healthy smiles.
  • Impacted Teeth — When teeth are so crowded that they can’t fully erupt, they are considered impacted. This is common with wisdom teeth, although any tooth can be impacted.
  • Multiple Missing Teeth — For patients who are missing several teeth already, taking out the last few remaining teeth can make it easier to get more effective full-arch replacements with dental implants.

Your oral health is more important than any particular tooth or teeth. When teeth become a problem, extracting them can be the best solution for your situation. Dr. Drew has extensive training in this aspect of dental care. He can also offer dental sedation to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

To find out more or to schedule a tooth removal in Bend, OR, call Drew Family Dentistry at 541-668-8070 today.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal/Extractions

Are tooth extractions painful?

The extraction itself should not be painful as we will numb your mouth with local anesthesia. You can also receive dental sedation if you’re worried about discomfort. After your extraction, you will likely experience some bleeding, swelling, and discomfort for 24 hours or so. We’ll give you instructions on how to care for your extraction site, including how to ease discomfort. We may prescribe pain relief medication.

When will a tooth extraction stop bleeding?

A little bleeding is normal. We’ll supply you with gauze. Bite down to apply pressure for about an hour. After that, bleeding should nearly stop. It’s normal for the extraction site to continue to ooze a bit for a few hours. Switch to a clean piece of gauze about once an hour or as needed. You can also try a moistened black tea bag wrapped in gauze. Tea contains tannic acid, which aids in blood clotting.

Are tooth extractions safe during pregnancy?

The American Dental Association and the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center, among other organizations, say it’s safe to have a tooth removed during pregnancy. Be sure to let your dentist know you’re pregnant so we can recommend an appropriate anesthetic. The American Pregnancy Association advises having the work done before your third trimester, as you may find it uncomfortable to lie back during the procedure.