Secure Your Implants With Sinus Lifts in Bend, OR

Are you missing teeth in your upper jaw? Before some people can get secure tooth replacements, they may need sinus lifts. In Bend, OR, this is one of the many oral surgery services we offer for our patients in-house. With a sinus lift, you can:

  • Prepare your upper jaw for dental implants
  • Create ideal conditions for long-lasting teeth replacements
  • Restore your healthy smile

Don’t take chances when it comes to your smile. If you are getting replacement teeth, you want them to be strong and stable. Your new teeth should allow you to bite and chew, speak, and smile with confidence. Dr. Drew has devoted many years to learning about implants because he wants you to have the best replacement teeth that modern dentistry has to offer.

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Give Yourself the Best Chance at a Healthy Smile

To be clear, not everyone who wants dental implants will need a sinus lift. However, this oral surgery can be invaluable for those who do need more bone tissue to ensure their implants remain secure.

Patients can have insufficient bone tissue in their upper jaw for one or more reasons:

  • Teeth that are missing from the back of the mouth may not have enough bone for implants due to the shape of the skull in that area.
  • Gum disease can lead to bone loss.
  • Tooth loss can have a negative effect on the bone mass of the upper jaw.
  • The shape of someone’s sinuses may not make it possible to place implants without additional bone tissue.

Bone for this procedure may come from another part of the body or from donor bone tissue. If you receive this treatment, you will be happy to know that we offer two kinds of dental sedation. This can keep you pain-free during the process.

Sinus lifts in Bend, OR, can make implants possible. To see if you could benefit, call 541-668-8070 to schedule an appointment at Drew Family Dentistry.