Preserve Your Jaw Health With Ridge Augmentation in Bend, OR

Before you can get dental implants, you may first need a ridge augmentation. In Bend, OR, we offer this service for patients to:

  • Rebuild the ridge of tissue that once surrounded a tooth
  • Make implants more secure
  • Restore the natural shape of the jawline

Dr. Blake Drew is committed to providing the best teeth replacements possible for our patients. He has completed training in many kinds of oral surgery, including augmentation. If you could benefit from this treatment, call 541-668-8070 today to visit Drew Family Dentistry.

Become a Candidate for Dental Implants & Keep Your Jaw Strong

When you have a tooth extracted or if a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, you have an empty socket left behind. This is where your roots were anchored in your jawbone. In these situations, we recommend replacing your lost tooth or teeth with dental implants.

When people are missing teeth, bone loss is a common consequence. Without implant-supported teeth replacements, you are likely to continue losing bone mass in your jaw. Too much bone loss may make it difficult to place implants later.

Before you can get your implants, it may be necessary to fill the sockets. By adding bone tissue to the area, we:

  • Rebuild the ridge of your jaw, which also restores your gumline to its original shape
  • Preserve the appearance of your jaw until you are ready for your dental implants

To keep you pain-free during this process, we offer two kinds of dental sedation. Laughing gas and oral sedation can be used separately or together to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

If you need a tooth removed because it is severely damaged or decayed or you have a tooth knocked out, your best bet is replacing it as soon as you can. Ridge augmentation in Bend, OR could help preserve the bone, which can make your teeth replacements more secure in the long run. To schedule an appointment at Drew Family Dentistry, call 541-668-8070.