Fix Painful Teeth Problems With Restorative Dental Care in Bend, OR

Painful dental issues never just go away on their own! That’s why you’ll want to partner with a team you can trust to deliver the dental pain relief you need when you need it. Our caring and compassionate staff at Drew Family Dentistry can get you through any unexpected trauma with restorative dental care in Bend, OR.

We’ll create an appointment as quickly as we can, often the same day, to help you get your smile back on track fast. You can count on:

  • Relevant treatment that addresses your immediate needs
  • Dental sedation to get rid of any anxiety during treatment
  • Answers to any questions you have about your condition
  • Follow-up appointments as needed to restore your health

Call us today at 541-668-8070 to schedule your emergency appointment. We’re here for you to help you work through all the challenging dental situations that come your way!

You can rest easy knowing that here at Drew Family Dentistry, we have advanced training and many modern technologies available to help when you have an unexpected or painful dental problem. Plus, as soon as you reach out for help, you will be greeted warmly by our caring staff. While you’re here, you will be able to take advantage of our dental sedation techniques aimed at calming your nerves. Our team will make sure you’re fully comfortable before we do any work.

Ease Your Discomfort With Fast Restorative Treatment

Below are just some of the restorative dentistry services we may recommend to help get you out of pain:

  • Tooth Fillings — We can use tooth-colored composite fillings that will repair damage, stop your pain, and blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.
  • Same-Day Crowns — Our tried-and-true dental crowns can repair broken or damaged teeth fast.
  • Oral Surgery — If the need ever arises, our team can comfortably remove a damaged or diseased tooth or impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Root Canal Therapy — Contrary to popular belief, this treatment actually helps you feel better. It stops the pain of an infected tooth and allows you to avoid an extraction.

Don’t put up with tooth pain any longer. Call Drew Family Dentistry now at 541-668-8070 for restorative dental care in Bend, OR. We’ll make sure you feel good again ASAP!