Let Us Handle Your Bend, OR Dental Emergencies

You usually have the luxury of evaluating different dentists for your smile needs. With dental emergencies in Bend, though, there’s no time for dentist shopping. You need quick and expert help, which is what you’ll get at Drew Family Dentistry.

In an emergency – or any time – you’ll find:

  • Technology like our CEREC system for same-day dental crowns that allows us to quickly and efficiently solve your problem
  • Same-day appointments in many cases
  • A choice of dental sedation to ease your discomfort and help you relax
  • A wide variety of restorative procedures to address everything from a broken tooth to a painful infection
  • Private operatories for calm and quiet treatment

If you need emergency dental care, call us right away at 541-668-8070.

Benefit From Dr. Drew’s Restorative Expertise

During his Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the University of Florida, Dr. Blake Drew gained advanced training and hands-on experience treating many issues with restorative dentistry and oral surgery. Among the emergency dental situations he can treat:

  • Severe Dental Pain — Depending on the cause of your pain, Dr. Drew can mend a cavity with a filling or crown or perform a root canal to repair an infected tooth. He can also remove teeth too damaged to save as well as painful wisdom teeth.
  • Bleeding and Tender Gums — A gum disease treatment removes bacteria that causes your gums to bleed and hurt. Without treatment, you can lose teeth to gum disease.
  • Broken and Cracked Teeth — We’ll likely use a dental crown to fix damage like breaks, cracks, and large cavities. With our CEREC system, you’ll receive your crown the same day you come in. There’s no need to spend days wearing a temporary while you wait for a dental lab to produce your restoration.
  • Broken Dental Restorations — CEREC makes it quick and easy to fix a broken crown.

No matter which emergency dental treatment you receive, you can get either laughing gas or an oral sedative to soothe your nerves.

For help with dental emergencies in Bend, call Drew Family Dentistry at 541-668-8070. For non-emergency needs, you can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

What should I do for dental emergencies on weekends?

We offer same-day care for emergencies whenever possible. But this may not include weekends. You can often control pain with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice, if needed, until you’re able to see us. We recommend going to the emergency room if you’re experiencing severe pain and/or swelling or if you have a fever with pain and/or swelling.

For dental emergencies without insurance, what should I do?

Our VIP membership plan offers many benefits for patients without insurance, including one emergency exam a year. Under the plan, you pay a low monthly fee that covers routine care including dental exams and cleanings. You also receive a discount of 15 percent on other treatments. You won’t need to worry about benefit caps or other insurance hassles.

Do they handle dental emergencies in the ER?

Doctors in the ER will not be able to perform dental procedures such as root canals or tooth extractions. Typically, all medical personnel there can do is give you pain relievers and/or antibiotics to control an infection until you’re able to get a dental appointment. We can often offer advice for dealing with your emergency until you’re able to see us.

What are some common dental emergencies?

Common dental emergencies include toothaches caused by cavities or infection, cracked or broken teeth, and broken dental restorations. With our team’s years in practice, we have significant experience in handling all these situations. We will relieve your discomfort and restore your mouth to health with restorative treatments.