When it comes to your oral health, preventive care is essential to keeping problems at bay. By visiting us twice a year for your regular checkup, you are doing your part to have a healthy, happy smile. Preventive care means: 

  • You’ll get a thorough cleaning of your teeth. We’ll get rid of plaque, bacteria, and tartar that has built up inside your mouth. We can reach all those places you can’t!
  • We’ll examine your mouth for any oral health problems. This includes oral cancer screenings as well as looking for signs of cavities, gum disease, and more.
  • You can avoid future problems. By taking the necessary steps now, you’re avoiding a worse problem later down the road. We can even go a step further by providing any necessary fluoride treatments to keep problems at bay.

There’s no reason to avoid the dentist if you don’t have insurance either! By signing up for our VIP membership, you can get free and discounted dental services throughout the year with one monthly fee. 

Preventive care is essential to a healthy smile. So make sure you have your next checkup scheduled by calling 541-668-8070 to schedule your appointment at Drew Family Dentistry in Bend, OR.

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