We are happy to announce that our . Feel free to call 541-668-8070 to make an appointment at Drew Family Dentistry in Bend, OR. Our new protocols are in place to protect patients and our team members against COVID-19 and other infections. Read about our changes below:

To all our patients,

I am happy to announce that our Bend, OR dentist office is open. While we are excited to get back to taking care of patients, we are doing so mindful of the realities that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust upon us. I will outline below several of the changes to the protocol we have implemented at Drew Family Dentistry in response to coronavirus. However, I want to stress the fact that infection control and patient safety have ALWAYS been paramount in dentistry; especially at Drew Family Dentistry. Universal precautions have been taught, preached, and implemented since I started practicing dentistry 12 years ago and were done so well before I became a dentist. This pandemic has underscored for me how much dentistry does as standard protocol from rigorous heat sterilization, universal disinfectant after every patient, and mandatory infection control training to keep ourselves and our patients safe. So as you view some of the changes outlined below and in the attached video keep in mind that this may be a “novel” virus but the idea of infection control in our office is anything but new.

Preparing for your appointment

  • We will be texting you a short Wellness Check form to complete and return (via text) prior to your appointment to ensure you are at a low risk of virus transmission. Please return it as soon as you receive it.
  • Please wear a mask or cloth face-covering to your appointment.
  • Text or call from out in the parking lot when you arrive for your appointment. We will ensure everything is ready to get you straight back to your room so you do not have to wait in the waiting area.
  • Your assistant or hygienist will greet you outside the office to take your temperature and give you gloves (and mask if needed) to wear while in the office.
  • As you can see in the video, staff will be following Oregon Health Authority guidelines and wearing appropriate PPE to minimize aerosol exposure.

Safety protocols during your appointment

  • We are limiting our schedule to minimize the number of patients in the office at one time
  • We are having patients pre-rinse with a betadine mouth wash solution to minimize aerosol transmission
  • We have installed 9 HEPA-air filters around the office to minimize aerosol contaminants
  • All staff members will be wearing recommended PPE and following disinfectant protocols prior to and following every patient

After your appointment

  • We have partnered with our patient communication system to now offer a “pay-by-text” option that will minimize time patients spend in the office after their appointment
  • Dr. Drew is continuing to utilize virtual consultations to discuss more in-depth treatment options outside of regular appointment hours. Visit nwxdental.com and click on the Video Consult Today tab at the top of the page.

Rest reassured we are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe during this difficult time. We ask for your patience and understanding as we get used to implementing these changes in our now open dentist office. Please watch the video on our YouTube channel linked below and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for trusting us with your care,

Blake Drew DMD and staff