Feeling nervous about your upcoming dental appointment? It’s understandable! Many patients struggle with anxiety about the dentist. However, what it’s important is to not let this get in the way of your oral health. Today, we’re sharing a few easy ways for you to ease your dental anxiety.

  1. Talk about your fears.

If you are facing a procedure you feel anxious about, even if it’s a simple cleaning, be sure to tell our team. We’ll talk through our procedure process and answer any of your questions or concerns. Bringing it out in the open, whether it’s with us or a supportive family member, can help relieve your nerves and calm down your fears.

  1. Ask us about our dental sedation.

Sedation is one of the many ways we help patients relax during an appointment. With two kinds of sedation, you can completely feel at ease during your procedure. Laughing gas is a gentle sedation that will help you feel a touch euphoric. The good thing is you’ll be able to drive right after the procedure. Oral sedation means you take a small pill before your appointment. It will give you a deeper level of relaxation, so you’ll want to have a friend or family member give you a ride home.

  1. Remember, we want to help you get out of pain.

Before your appointment starts, remind yourself that we’re providing you with a way to get out of pain and keep your oral health at its best. Your comfort is our highest priority. With our dental technology, your procedures will be as efficient and painless as possible. Like our lasers that replace the need for cutting or stitching.

  1. Schedule your appointment early.

We offer appointment times as early as 8 a.m. Having an early appointment can help because you are getting the procedure out of the way. You’ll have less time to think, which can reduce your stress levels.

  1. Wear headphones.

Sometimes the reason people avoid the dentist is they don’t like the sounds! You can bring headphones of your own if you’d like. Or we also offer headphones you can wear while you watch television. You won’t hear a thing at all!

Sometimes one of the reasons people feel anxious about the dentist is the cost. That’s why we encourage you to ask about our dental membership plans. It allows you to save on care and get discounts on services.

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